When kids come knocking on your door on October 31st, here’s a way to share truth from the Word of God that they may not get any other way. The front cover states that “Not knowing what’s in God’s special Book, the Bible, is like walking in the dark without a flashlight.” The inside contains Scriptures regarding light, with blanks the kids must fill in by decoding. The back cover has important verses about salvation.

You could print these on yellow or gold paper or simply take a yellow or gold colored pencil and color in the flame on the lantern. Then fold them in half one way and in half again the other way, so that they open up in the way that makes sense. Be sure to accompany them with a treat of some kind. The kindness of sharing a treat with the kids will help to open their hearts to the truths you are sharing in the leaflet.

At times I have just reserved the leaflets for kids that were old enough to read them and have given only candy to the little ones. However, I discovered that the little ones seemed to feel they were being cheated out of something. So it seems best just to give the leaflets to all—big and small. Who knows? Maybe a parent or an older brother or sister will pick it up and read it later.

Printable copy of the leaflet

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