This charming, light movie called Home Sweet Home was released in 2020. It stars Natasha Bure, daughter of Candace Cameron Bure of Full House fame, and Ben Elliot. In this story a young female barista by the name of Victoria sets her sights on a handsome young customer named Jason, a new Christian who recently split from a serious relationship. Victoria will do whatever it takes to win Jason’s affections—even if that means being fake.

Since her target works for a Christian organization, Victoria decides that the way into his heart is to be a volunteer for the organization. When she finds that her Christian lingo is lacking and that she is greatly lacking in the skills for her volunteer job, she studies information that will help her be a better fake. Her ineptness adds humor to the story. Her romantic advice to a fellow volunteer is also amusing.

When Jason discovers that Victoria is a fake, it doesn’t go well. Victoria feels obligated to keep a date with another boyfriend she has on the line. The revelation of his hidden motive in asking her to accompany him to an event makes her see her own lack of transparency in a new light. In an odd turn of events, the young barista ends up confessing her fraudulent behavior to a whole audience. I won’t tell you just how the story ends, but I feel certain you would like the ending.

There are some important takeaways in the 84-minute movie. One is that it’s crucial to be real in all your relationships. The other is that in order for a true Christian to have a successful romantic relationship, their partner must truly share their faith. Whether you stream it or buy it, don’t confuse this movie with other movies by the same title.

Below is a trailer to give you an idea what the movie is like.


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