The story in this movie takes place in a little town in Alaska called Trapper Falls. The dilemma in the story is that a one-time resident of the town returns and makes legal trouble regarding the fact that the town is displaying a life-size manger scene at City Hall. He even decides he will run against the mayor.

During the opening scene of this movie, I said, “Wait a minute! Is that Eric Baldwin?” As it turns out, it was his brother, Daniel Baldwin. He plays the past resident returned to the town. It also stars Ted McGinley as the mayor of the town. The mayor’s wife is played by Nancy Stafford, whom I at one time enjoyed in her role in the old series with Andy Griffith as an attorney called Matlock.

 In Christmas with a Capital C, the mayor’s brother (played by Brad Stine) is sometimes a little “over the top.”  He gets carried away in his arguments defending their right to display the manger scene. The mayor also ends up getting really wrapped up in arguing for their rights.

An attorney eventually offers three possible solutions to solve the dispute. It’s the mayor’s little daughter, who will be playing the angel in the Christmas play, who remembers Christian love and turns out to be the “angel” who brings a conclusion to the disagreement.

Although this movie was timely when it was released in 2010, it seems all the more appropriate today. The rights of Christians seem to be under attack in America as never before. But this movie can help us see that we must not lose the balance between truth and love. We need to defend our rights, but we must not become bitter or hateful in the process.

This movie lasts only 81 minutes. It’s a small investment of time to help us remember the real focus of Christmas while being entertained. Although you can purchase the DVD, currently you can also watch it on Pureflix or watch it on the Tubi app for free with ads. Be careful not to order the music CD by the same name. Below is a trailer with swatches of the movie:

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